How REALTORS® Can Create Amazing Customer Experiences

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A successful REALTOR® knows that exceptional customer service is critical in the real estate business. It’s a way – perhaps the way – to set their services apart from the competition.

But many also know that customer service simply isn’t enough. It has become expected. The real battleground in real estate is wrapped within the customer experience, which can aptly be defined as every individual contact with the customer at every touch point they have with your brand. Think of it as the sum of all the interactions with your brand, and how they feel through the processes along the way, which translates into the entire experience.

Here are six aspects of how REALTORS® can create an amazing customer experience:

Understand how customers feel.
You may already know that you offer excellent customer service, but it’s an important distinction to understand how the experiences with your customers make them feel. Take the steps to understand your customers and find any gaps in your service, and update your processes and touch points. When something works right, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

Aim to exceed expectations.
Both you and your clients have high expectations in the service that will be offered in the relationship. So go beyond satisfying your clients and truly amaze them with every aspect of what you offer. It will enhance your reputation and brand that you’re known for the exceptional and not just the common.

Make it personal.
No two clients are the same. Similarly, no two home buying or selling experiences will be the same. Listen to your clients and define their needs, goals and objectives. Tailor your expertise and experience to the type of service each client prefers. You may not actually be able to control the entire experience, but you can expertly guide the process and mitigate the issues.

The experience is a journey, not a moment.
The customer experience is at every touch point you have with clients, from beginning to end. Learn about every aspect of the journey a client experiences, including the defining critical moments along the way, but take a holistic view of the experience in full context.

Harness the power of communication.
Your clients want to know and trust that you are always there for them, in good times and bad. Consumer research has shown that simply communicating honestly and in a timely manner is a major influence on customer loyalty. The truth is the faster you communicate news to a client, the better it is for everyone.

The likability factor.
Clients will believe in you and your brand when you earn their trust. Show your enthusiasm and eagerness in your words and your actions by always smiling, having a great attitude and being friendly from the first point of contact. Don’t fake it, because clients want to like you. Think about it this way: You don’t have to like every client, but they must believe that you do.

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