How to ask for real estate referrals


The use of the internet has forever changed how people buy and sell their homes. Online searches and websites are now the primary way homes are listed, and many people use the web as a way to research potential agents. Despite this, referrals are still the number one way both buyers and sellers find realtors. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 43% of buyers and 41% of sellers said they found their agent through a referral.

Despite this, asking for referrals is still extremely uncomfortable for many agents. The following tips can help you ask your friends, family, and former clients for referrals.

  1. Spread the word

Current clients are often the easiest – and least awkward – people to ask for referrals. After several positive interactions, simply ask if they know anyone else who is interested in buying or selling their home. Because they are actively looking at listings, they are more likely to organically meet others looking for a new real estate agent.

Friends and family are another important resource for referrals, especially for agents who are new to the real estate profession. Check in by phone or over an email asking if they know of anyone looking for a realtor. Because you already have a personal connection, they are likely to recommend you to their own families and friends!

Whenever possible, give people additional copies of your business cards or other promotional materials. This allows your information to be easily shared when the opportunity for a referral arises.

  1. Practice your script

Asking for referrals can feel awkward for many agents. To combat this, create a “script” to use when discussing referrals. Then, practice the script as often as possible – even if you are reciting it to yourself in the car or rehearsing it to the mirror. The more you practice, the more natural and less awkward the referral conversation will be.

  1. Reward referrals

When meeting potential clients, make it a point to ask how they heard about you. This allows you to reward the people who sent you the referral whenever possible. Follow up with the person who sent you the referral, sending them your heartfelt thanks. Sending a small gift is another way to show your appreciation. Gift certificates to popular local restaurants, small gift baskets, or floral bouquets are all great ways to say thanks to those who send you a successful referral!

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