How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro


Staging a home often seems as simple as bringing in a few new couches and putting out a plate of fresh baked cookies. In practice, however, staging is more difficult; homeowners must learn how to curate their own furniture and décor to create a fresh, clean space that appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.

Even if you can’t afford the services of a professional stager, there are a number of ways you can help get your home ready to go on the market. The following five steps will help you stage your home like a pro!

  1. Avoid starting a big project

Even if the kitchen or bathroom needs updating, major remodels should never be undertaken right before putting a house on the market. “My recommendation is to not spend that money if you’re sure you’re going to sell soon,” Baer said. This is because many buyers are looking to put their own personal stamp on a home. Because tastes vary from person to person, what you might consider the perfect kitchen might be torn out by a new owner. Instead, most buyers would rather have a reduction in price, allowing them to reinvest the savings into the home after purchase.

  1. Depersonalize

Buyers want to imagine themselves in a space – which can be hard to do if your toothbrush is still on the counter. Family pictures, distinctive artwork, or crowded counters can all distract from your home. Instead, depersonalize by removing family photos and other personal mementos, replacing them with neutral wall art. Likewise, keep bathroom counters clear from any toiletries, personal items, and other clutter; a small potted plant or basket of rolled hand towels are the perfect way to show off counter space.

  1. Pack early

If your house isn’t even on the market yet, packing is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, packing early can help in the staging process – and help get your house sold. In addition to removing personal items or other distinctive décor pieces, empty non-essentials from cabinets and closets to help spaces seem larger.

  1. Don’t forget the outdoors

It only takes eight seconds for someone to form a first impression, so make those seconds count by ramping up the curb appeal of your home!  Keep lawns mowed, hedges and bushes trimmed, and flower beds neatly planted. Likewise, take advantage of patios and decks by creating outdoors “rooms” with tables, chairs, fire pits, and other outdoor décor.

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