Ideas for organizing your kids’ bedroom on a budget

Children’s rooms are notoriously cluttered and difficult to organize. From tiny toys and plastic pieces that seem to multiply on their own, to closets full of clothes and shoes that are quickly outgrown–it can be difficult to keep everything in its place.

However, it is possible to have a clean house and kids! Strategic storage solutions, creative furniture arrangement, and multifunctional pieces can keep the clutter up off the floor – without breaking the bank. The following are ideas for organizing your child’s bedroom on a budget.

1. Get creative with vertical storage

In a bedroom that is small on space, vertical storage can get toys and books up off the floor. In addition to bookcases or other tall shelves, consider hanging dollar store baskets up and out of reach. In addition to displaying special books or toys for children, it has an added benefit: toys that are stored too high for kids to reach on their own gives parents some control over what messes become sprawled across the floor.

2. Label bins and shelves

Make sure there is a place for everything with labels! Bins, boxes, and shelves can be labeled with what belongs inside. This makes it easier for kids to clean up on their own and helps toys stay organized. For young children and early readers, make picture labels clip art by taking pictures of the actual items inside with a smartphone or camera and use those to label bins and boxes.

3. Utilize forgotten spaces

Even the smallest rooms have nooks and crannies that can be used for storage! Instead of using wall space for posters or art, do double duty with everyday items. Attach ribbon to an empty frame to create bow and headband storage for a little girl, or use hanging strips to give boys a place to hang their favorite baseball hats on display.

Hanging organizers can be used behind a bedroom door for shoes – or almost anything else. Barbies, action figures, LEGOS, craft supplies, stuffed animals, and more can be organized and stored in the clear plastic pockets. Likewise, adding a curtain rod shelf over a window from can provide additional storage for special keepsakes.

With under-the-bed storage, there will be no room for monsters! Flat plastic storage bins can be purchased at most home improvement or big box stores and can easily slide under cribs or beds. Use them to store toys or craft supplies that are infrequently used, out-of-season clothes, or additional bedding.

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