SBAOR REALTOR® Success Story: Michele Brown

michelebrown-1For our first SBAOR REALTOR® Success Story, we interviewed Michele Brown of Keller Williams Realty and the 2015 SBAOR President. Learn more about her involvement with SBAOR, and what has kept her excited about it and committed all these years!

How long have you been working in real estate? 40 years this year.


Have all of them been here in the South Bay? The first 18 years I practiced real estate in Dallas, Texas. I moved to the South Bay 22 years ago.

When did you become involved with SBAOR? Seven years ago. I had primarily practiced commercial real estate and property management with large corporate agencies. Then I decided to start my own real estate team and incorporate a residential practice.

Why did you stay involved in SBAOR all these years? I always refer to the association as the mothership of knowledge and advocacy, education and legislation, and if you get too far from the mothership, you lose touch from what goes on in your industry. It’s about all the legal changes and the mindset changes. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem, like my dad used to say. It’s critical for your career survival to stay involved!

What tools have you found useful at SBAOR? The training our association delivers to its members is phenomenal. SBAOR is able to provide high-level instructors at no cost or very low cost to the members. No other association does that. I also appreciate the network and support of the staff at SBAOR and of other professional agents. The tools on the website allow us to do business every day, so that we’re delivering accurate information to our clients.

What type of value have you discovered being a part of the committees and the various roles you have held at the board? Issues, policies, and procedures change every week in our business. The foundation of our best practices is to stay informed and involved with current events and legislation that impact our business. There’s also the value of being able to help others with their careers!

What have you found about yourself that has surprised you due to your career in real estate? I don’t have the limits I thought I once had, as far as growth and the capacity to take on new things. I’ve been in the business 40 years, and I’m still learning. Things keep changing, laws keep changing, and the markets change all the time. We never really finish our education. I’ve learned I don’t have a limited capacity.

What would you tell yourself if you could talk to you when you started in the business? Mentor up. Get in the game and stay in the game with the right support groups and mentors.

What are you most excited about working on as your new role as President? Enhancing our presence in our neighborhoods, as leaders who can help with local issues, and as neighbors who participate in local causes. I want SBAOR to be as much a resource for homeowners as much as for REALTORS®. I want our neighbors and community partners to see it as a resource for information, beyond what’s the value of my property?

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