Real Estate Agent Apps That Boost Marketing Efficiency

Many real estate agents know that it’s crucial to business to be able to work on multiple tasks at once, and often times even be in more than one place at the same time. Thanks to the newest apps for tablets and smart phones, at least part of that is possible.

Real Estate agents are accustomed to doing business on the go, which makes smartphones and tablets an essential part of the job. But that also means there is a reliance on technology to help make life easier. So when it comes to your marketing efforts – from lead generation to marketing campaigns, social and digital media execution or client retention plans – efficiency is critical given agents work remotely and time is always of the essence.

So what apps can boost your marketing, while also making you more efficient? Here’s a look at six killer apps for real estate agents:

QCards – This app helps attract more leads and local listing opportunities by creating and mailing marketing postcards right from your iPhone or iPad. Use photos from your library and select contacts from your address book, or let QCards generate a nearby mailing list for you.

Animoto – Create high-quality, HD video slideshows for all of your digital and social media platforms – while saving a bunch of time – right from your smartphone.  The app provides the background music, and you can create on the web version as well. This app will help your marketing stand out.

Open Home Pro – A top choice among agents, this app is magic for open houses and broker opens. Manage the contact information of your walk-ins, select contact options and automatically follow up with new leads in your next marketing campaign.

Hootsuite – Would it make it efficient to manage all of your social and digital media platforms from one spot? Of course, and Hootsuite does just that. Schedule updates in advance and respond to followers from the platform. You can upgrade for analytics and other features to integrate your marketing efforts.

MagicPlan – Showcase your current listings or wow your potential future clients with custom 3D floor plans. Take a photo, and this app records room dimensions and produces floor plans in multiple formats.

BizKinetic Real Estate – Manage your sales and marketing efforts with solutions to coordinate leads, follow-ups, contacts and client requests. You can also synch your tasks and calendar, and set up mail templates, all to make your efforts more efficient.

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