Spotlight on City Selling Requirements

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The South Bay is a wonderful place to visit, work, live, and raise a family. In addition, it has a thriving real estate market with lots of opportunities for both buyers and sellers to find the home of their dreams. However, many real estate agents and their clients are often surprised to learn of the selling requirements that many South Bay cities have.

With 15 different cities in the South Bay, knowing all of the selling requirements for each city can be  an impossible task. Because of that, many of our members use the resources provided by SBAOR to help them better understand and navigate the at-times complicated city selling requirements.

What are city selling requirements?

In the South Bay, many cities have created requirements that need to be met in order to close escrow. While they vary from city to city, selling requirements may include extra fees, specific inspections, or  additional taxes. Likewise, there can also be requirements such as low-flow toilets, mandatory affordable housing waivers, or water heater strapping. City selling requirements may be different for each of the 15 cities in the South Bay area.

How SBAOR can help

Whether you’re a new agent, or have years of experience under your belt, dealing with the various city selling requirements in the South Bay can be both difficult and confusing. Because of this, SBAOR is proud to be able to help our members navigate these challenging requirements.

SBAOR members have easy access to all of the different South Bay city selling requirements through our online database. In addition, our staff and other members are able to provide guidance and helpful tips when dealing with the requirements in different cities. If any issues arise during escrow, we can help you find a solution to the problem!

The South Bay area is unique because of the selling requirements held by the different cities. Because they can be complicated, it can be useful to have an ally when trying to close escrow. The SBAOR is proud to provide tips and guidance about these issues to our members!

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