Steps to prep your home for the summer


Summer brings some of the best parts of the year: longer days, more time spent outside with family and friends, and outdoor activities such as gardening and grilling. It can also bring scorching temperatures, sky high electric and water bills, and plenty of bugs inside and out.

After a long winter, take the time to prep your home for the summer. The following tips can help you get your home ready for the summer and all the fun in the sun this season has to offer.


  1. Service the air conditioner. Nothing can ruin your day more than coming home to a sweltering house. Keep your air conditioner running smoothly by having it serviced every spring. In addition, make sure to change the air filter every three months, clean vegetation away from the outdoor unit, and flush out the drain lines with a cup of bleach.
  2. Rotate ceiling fan blades. Many homeowners change the direction of their ceiling fans during the winter. Ensure ceiling fan blades are spinning counterclockwise for the summer months; this pushes cool air down instead of drawing it up.
  3. Repot houseplants. While most houseplants have long lifespans, give them some TLC at the beginning of the summer by repotting them. After removing the plant from the pot, gently separate the roots, removing any rotten sections. Then simply repot the plant using fresh soil and fertilizer to keep it healthy and growing for years to come.
  4. Check for seasonal deals. Many maintenance companies offer seasonal deals during the slow summer months. Carpet cleaners, chimney sweeps, or furnace technicians may all offer summer discounts.



  1. Check gutters and downspouts. Autumn may clog gutters with falling leaves, but spring can be just as dangerous. Falling seed pods, blowing pollen, and more can all clog gutters, particularly if there are a number of trees surrounding your home. In addition to removing blockages, seal any gaps with caulk to prevent leaks around your home.
  2. Clean the grill. Prevent flare ups and burnt food by thoroughly cleaning the grill. Using a grill brush, wet rag, and plenty of elbow grease, get your grill sparkling and ready for summer barbecues. In addition, make sure to stock up on charcoal, propane, and other grilling tools and accessories.
  3. Fill in the grass. Dethatch the lawn, or remove dead growth, using a metal rake. Apply grass seed to bald patches or areas where you’d like lusher growth. An associate at a hardware store or nursery should be able to help you find the ideal seed and fertilizer for your lawn.

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