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Many REALTORS® might not be aware of the REALTOR® Action Fund and its impact on their daily real estate-related business. But, behind the scenes, the advocacy fund is helping shape the real estate industry and how agents conduct business.

In layman’s terms, the REALTOR® Action Fund is an organized service for members that provides representation in the halls of government. It raises money to advance the goals of REALTOR® political action committees (PACs) at the local, state, and federal levels of government, as well as supports candidates and elected officials who advocate for the rights and are sympathetic to the key issues that impact REALTORS®.

You might be wondering why the REALTOR® Action Fund is important, or why it matters to you. Well, did you know that more than 35 percent of all proposed legislation introduced impacts REALTORS®? That total amounts to approximately 2,000 bills each legislative session.

These bills would carry a tangible impact. Consider that during the course of each legislative cycle, various special interest groups propose new taxes, fees and regulations that reduce your earnings, increase your costs and impact your ability to conduct business. But these bills pass far less frequently due to the action fund, which supports advocacy campaigns as well as legislators who understand the issues and interests behind the proposed laws.

The REALTOR® Action Fund operates in several ways. It supports the passage of laws that benefit the real estate industry and opposes adverse laws. It also backs candidates and already elected officials who are business friendly and sympathetic to real estate issues to get elected to local, state and federal-level offices, as well as maintains a long-term relationship with these legislators.

Members can view webinar updates of sponsored legislation, current legislative issues and political and policy developments, as well as the reports and publications of the C.A.R. Government Affairs Team on the local, state and federal levels.

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