Tips for Getting More Referrals from Past Clients

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Referrals are golden in the real estate industry. Just ask any agent who needs more business.

For many top-producing agents, referrals are the lifeblood of their business. Many rely solely on referrals from a client base they have spent years cultivating. After all, who better to recommend your services than the people who know it best?

If you’re not getting your share of referrals, here are seven tips to keep in mind.

Just ask. Many clients don’t understand how important their referrals and recommendations are. By simply asking, and offering specific and simple instructions, many are happy to help.

Make it easy. People are busy and your real estate needs won’t be on their minds. When you’re asking for a referral, introduction or review, make it as simple as possible for them and don’t put any barriers in their way.

Start a referral program. Offer incentives to your past clients for any person they introduce that leads to a sale. It’s an effective way to grow business and reach new clients you wouldn’t otherwise reach on your own.

Build long-term relationships. Real estate is a relationship business, and people will only make referrals to someone they trust. Cultivate your relationships with past clients, and over time, it will reward you.

Actively network. It’s up to you to be proactive. In all of your spheres of influence, including social media, make sure everyone knows what you do for a living and that you love referrals.

Build a database. Every past client and everyone you do business with should be in a CRM to serve as a list of referral sources. Whatever method you use – email marketing, social media, drip campaigns – actively keep in touch with them.

Promote your personal brand. It’s important to stay front-of-mind with your past clients because eventually they will have someone to refer. Promote your brand by staying active and engaging across social media platforms until that time comes.

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