Tips to avoid closing stress


You’ve found the perfect home, negotiated with the sellers, found a lender, and completed all the necessary paperwork; all that’s left is closing! Closing represents the last step in the home buying journey and should be seen as a kind of celebration. However, going into closing unprepared can make the day more stressful than it needs to be. The following tips can help buyers avoid closing stress.

  1. Set a clear date – and take the day off

As early as possible during the escrow process, set a firm closing date. This gives all parties involved enough time to finalize other home sales, end leases, schedule movers, and complete the paperwork necessary for the escrow process.

When closing day arrives, take the day off work if possible. This allows you to focus fully on the closing without feeling rushed; likewise, if any hiccups occur, you will not dealing with the additional stress of trying to finish before a 2 o’clock meeting.

  1. Know what you owe

Buyers are responsible for covering certain costs at closing. Communicate with both your lender and real estate agent to know exactly how much you will need to pay on closing day. Because most title companies do not accept personal check, a cashier’s or banker’s check is usually required; getting this check from the bank a day or two in advance can reduce stress the day of the closing.

  1. Ensure insurance is up to date

Once the paperwork is signed, your new home is officially yours. To ensure it is protected from day one, insurance policies need to be in place and updated. Be aware if you are moving to an area where additional policies, such as flood or hurricane insurance, are needed; these natural disasters are typically not covered in standard policies. Likewise, communicate with the insurance company when your closing date is so your home does not have a lapse in coverage.

  1. Schedule a final walkthrough


Whether you do it the day of the closing or a few days in advance, it’s important to schedule a final walkthrough. This ensures that any repairs or changes that were discussed have been made and the home is still in the same condition as it was when you put in your offer. Scheduling the final walk through a few days before closing can give you enough time to deal with any discrepancies.

  1. Celebrate!

No matter if you’re closing on your first home or your fifteenth, purchasing a new home is a cause for celebration! Celebrate the accomplishment – as well as the work that it took to make it to closing – and begin enjoying your new home!

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