Tips to create an inviting front-yard landscape


Front yard landscaping affects curb appeal – as well as the first impression your home makes. By creating a beautiful, balanced front yard, you can make your home more inviting while highlighting your house’s features. The following tips can help you create front yard landscaping that makes a statement!

  1. Create a clear entryway

The path to the front of your home should be clear and easily recognizable. Keep bushes and trees trimmed back enough that the front door is visible from the street or driveway; likewise, the house numbers should be illuminated and easy to see from the street. Sidewalks should be wide enough to allow to people to walk side by side comfortably. Concrete, brick, stone, or pavers can be used to create visual interest on the sidewalk.

  1. Light up the night

Appropriate outdoor lighting keeps your home visible after the sun has set. In addition to standard outdoor sconces, consider spotlight lighting to highlight house numbers, flagpoles, statues, or other design features in the front of the home. Likewise, illuminate paths and sidewalks with small solar lights to keep guests from stumbling in the dark.

  1. Balance your home with landscaping

While balance is important to create a visually appealing yard, strategic landscaping can also be used to balance out a home’s negative features. If a house is short and squat, layer levels of plants to draw the eye upward. For homes that are tall and narrow, tall trees around the property’s perimeter can balance the height of the house. A narrow home can benefit from thick shrubs near the corners of the house to create the illusion of width.

  1. Plant for year-round interest

Your home isn’t just visited in one season, so keep your front yard landscape looking beautiful by planting a variety of plants with different blooming seasons. Evergreen shrubs and trees can add year-round form and texture to a garden, often requiring little annual maintenance or pruning. Likewise, crab apples or viburnums can attract wildlife during the winter with their bright and appeal fruit. Framing the front door with large planters also allows you to switch out greenery and plants seasonally.

  1. Don’t forget a place to sit

Most homeowners think of outdoor living spaces in their backyards. However, your front yard landscaping can benefit from added seating. Front porch swings, small bistro tables, or Adirondack chairs invite friends and family to sit down and stay a while. If your home has a small porch and no room for furniture, consider creating a small secondary patio or placing a bench near a fountain or bird feeder.

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