Ways to decorate your blank wall


A blank wall is like a blank canvas filled with possibilities. However, the seemingly endless possibilities can also be overwhelming! The following ideas can help you think beyond a gallery when it comes to decorating a blank wall in your home.

  • Washi tape patterns. If you rent and can’t permanently alter the walls, or simply don’t want to paint them, washi tape can be used to create easily removable graphic patterns. Find tape in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to create a custom, unique wall graphic that can be changed as often as you like.
  • Coffee filter art. High on style but low on budget? Dip dye coffee filters  to create a dramatic floral art piece on the wall.
  • Photo wallpaper. Instead of a traditional gallery wall, create a unique feature with photo wallpaper. Change family photos to black and white and blow them up to poster size to create a dramatic, personal touch.
  • Oversized stripes. Whether horizontal or vertical, oversized stripes can turn a blank wall into a visual focal point.
  • Clipboard art display. Use clipboards from the dollar store to create an easily interchangeable art display. Paint clipboards to match your existing décor before adding inspirational quotes, prints, art pieces, or even important mail or reminders.
  • Indoor flower brackets. Brighten your living space with brightly painted wall brackets topped with houseplants.
  • Empty frames. A gallery wall doesn’t have to have art; instead, hang empty frames in a variety of sizes, heights, and colors to create bold visual interest.
  • Wardrobe display. Bold, graphic scarves can be framed and hung to create wall art that can be changed with the seasons – or styles. Iron scarves before framing and leave a two to three-inch border to create a matted look. Likewise, hats, statement necklaces, and other collections can also be hung from decorative hooks.
  • Think beyond wall art. Decorating your walls doesn’t have to mean framed photos or art. Instead, think of unique materials for wall hangings. Baskets, plate collections, metal sculptures, and more can be used to create art on blank walls. Likewise, wrapping paper and fabric scraps can be framed or hung on embroidery hoops.

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