What homebuyers can expect from their realtor

When purchasing a new home, a realtor should be the buyer’s most important ally. A good realtor can help potential buyers navigate the local market, advise them when making offers and counter offers, and guide them through escrow to an on-time closing.

While all realtors have their own unique style, there are several things that all good agents have in common. The following are five things that buyers can expect from their realtor.

1. Counseling during the house hunting process

Anyone can show a house; it takes a skilled realtor to help home buyers find their dream home.

One of the key – and arguably most important – jobs a realtor has is to help their buyers navigate the house hunting process. A realtor can help buyers clarify what they want to solidify their ideas into specifications for a home. Realtors can also provide counsel about everything from locations, neighborhoods, schools, and more. A good buyer’s agent is especially important in competitive markets or when a buyer is new to an area.

2. Help negotiating an offer

Once you’ve found the perfect home, your buyer’s agent can help you make the best offer and negotiate over the contract. Good realtors understand market trends and the value of homes in the area; this can be valuable when attempting to make a fair offer – while still getting the best price possible on your new home. Likewise, realtors can also help buyers negotiate over counter offers with the sellers on everything from price and repairs to new floor credits and window treatments.

3. Recommend home inspectors

Realtors are industry professionals and should be able to recommend the best home inspectors in the area. Likewise, they can advise you on any additional inspections your home may require including radon, chimney, mold, lead, and more.

The buyer’s agent is often present during the inspections themselves. This is an important way for realtors to understand the issues – and help buyers negotiate any repairs or fixes that need to be made. Negotiations after an inspection can range from price reduction to repairs to seller’s concessions at closing.

4. Communication during escrow

Escrow can be stressful as buyers and sellers await the completion of the sale. To keep things going smoothly – and help closing happen on time – the buyer’s agent should communicate with the buyers, seller’s agent, closing company, and others during the process. This can range from reminding buyers to finish paperwork by a certain deadline to checking in on the progress of repairs being made at the property and more.

5. Wrapping up loose ends before closing

There are a number of things that need to go “right” in order to have an on-time closing. A realtor can help their buyers keep track of the remaining commitments they have as well as tie up any loose ends before closing. Their support and advice can help the closing go through without a hitch.

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