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Every REALTOR® knows that in the process of doing real estate business, legal issues sometimes arise that require expert assistance.

Inevitably, REALTORS® will have questions relating to these legal issues. It’s important to remember that as agents, you are not lawyers, and there are important legal issues that require the specific expertise outside of your specialties and areas of knowledge.

If you don’t have access to your own legal counsel, The California Association of REALTORS® provides a number of resources for members when these situations arise. The C.A.R. Member Legal Services Department provides members with the latest in legal information to give members a competitive edge and minimize legal exposure and liability. The legal information is available through a variety of resources, including legal articles, a legal hotline, the Strategic Defense Program, a sample letter library, interactive webinars and in-person live discussions with C.A.R. attorneys.

Here’s a brief overview of the legal services provided by C.A.R.:

Attorney Outreach Calendar – C.A.R. attorneys visit real estate offices and local associations to provide live discussions of current legal issues and training sessions on the use of new forms.

Legal Hotline – The Legal Hotline offers members the chance to receive free legal advice on a wide array of legal topics by speaking directly with C.A.R. attorneys.

Legal Articles – The legal department creates legal articles for members on topics such as arbitration and mediation, broker practice, contract issues, landlord-tenant law, procuring cause and real estate disclosures, among others.

Legal Live Webinars – Legal webinars and seminars by C.A.R. allow members to participate in live, interactive sessions on recent legal developments and the chance to get answers to legal questions.

Strategic Defense Program – This program provides members with a team of litigation defense specialists who deliver top quality legal services and risk management seminars covering risk avoidance and defense.

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